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Asturias in FITUR 2018

“Asturias: Natural Paradise”

An affordable Natural Paradise for EVERYONE. This is precisely what we aimed for in the FITUR 2018 edition. We wanted to bring the essence of this unique destination to one of the world's three most important events in the tourism sector, and one which would set a new visitor record, with 250,000 attendees.

The main element in the space? An authentic raised granary on a grass surface and hundreds of hydrangeas recently brought in from Asturias, much to the delight of all visitors, who not only saw a typical Asturias landscape but also felt it in all its glory: a sound map specially created by an Asturias composer transported the public to paradise with sounds of nature, fauna and flora, accompanied by fragrances of apple, fresh grass and sea.

Immersion was even more profound thanks to the enormous graphics that represented the Asturias mountains, surrounding visitors with every step they took. All the treasures of this destination –culture, gastronomy– had a privileged space in the stand, always combined with digital dynamics for participation and interaction with an increasingly demanding public, ensuring that their experiences with the place will be remembered forever.

Asturias in FITUR 2018

Asturias: Natural Paradise

Client: Principado de Asturias - Tourism 
Year: 2018

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