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Bogaris - MAPIC

A " movie-like " opportunity…

Bogaris, a company specialized in promoting retail parks, shopping centres and logistics & industrial facilities under lease, is growning internationally. MAPIC, one of the main international retail property market event, is a unique opportunity for Bogaris to achieve its goal for an international expansion.

After an accurate analysis, in 2014 we proposed to promote the Brand through an attractive design using big graphics format, in order to enhance the Brand visibility. En 2015, we recognized the importance of including elements to draw attention to its technological dimension and at the same time we designed a work space within one of its most appealing spots, its cinema room.

In 2016, taking into consideration the Bogaris offices, we designed a new stand concept whose epicenter was constituted by a glass cube in its corporate blue colour used as a private workspace. A large-format screen was placed in a corner of the space acting as the main stand keypoint at a visual and communicative level.

In 2017, we proved that when approach a client need by a Global Communication Action, the outcome is a …… “movie-like “ opportunity. What we did really mean by that ? We meant the expected outcome went beyond the client expectations and ours own expectations. In Cannes, we delivered the final outcome to the coveted global project for this company, a leader within the Retail Sector : the new Shopping Centre Torrecardenas in Almeria. The key areas of the Shopping Centre would be the Dining and the Leisure Areas, especially its Cinemas. Then we began to connect objectives and concepts and we came out with the idea of connecting space, promotion, contents and entertainment in a sole space and turn it into a “ movie action. This is how we did it: a communication space, audiovisual contents, activities involving characters brought directly from the Stars Wars Saga and a Gala Dinner at the Annex Beach Cannes as a perfect end. And obviously, all of that, accompanied by a large portion of popcorn. A real, movie-like Mapic 2017!

Bogaris - MAPIC

Bogaris - MAPIC

Client: Bogaris. Year: 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019

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