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Teatro de la Maestranza Museum Visit

"Music and Opera Behind the Curtain", Teatro de la Maestranza Interactive Museum Visit.

Project carried out with Carmen Bueno (Conceptual Design and Project Management).
Service: Conceptualisation of Design, Management and Drafting of Contents, and Production of the exhibition.

The best way to learn something is experiencing it oneself. Sometimes we imagine how a work of art can be created and what the guidelines behind the process are, but it is not until we live it for ourselves that we internalise, learn and remember it. This project allowed the general public to see behind the scenes and discover how a great symphony, ballet or opera is created. It was the first time an initiative of this type had been planned in Spain, so we created a format that allowed the visitor to discover the entrails of the Teatro de la Maestranza and everything that can happen backstage.

The intense documentation work carried out by Carmen Bueno and her Project Management team allowed us to define the design and concept for the exhibition, creating a guided tour through one of the most emblematic places not only in Seville but in all of Spain.

The experience would let visitors see every corner of the theatre and discover the history of its curtains and dressing rooms, and the different works created and lived within its very walls. Here we can see the intricate workings behind any theatre production, and experience first-hand the preparations for the plays, and even some rehearsals, from behind the curtain.

Teatro de la Maestranza Museum Visit

Teatro de la Maestranza Museum Visit

Client: Teatro de la Maestranza (Ministry of Culture, Andalusia Regional Government, Provincial Council and Seville City Council). Year: 2014 

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